(6 km far away from the campsite): It is a famous village for its gardens. They are in both sides of the main road. If you follow this main road to Valverde you will find “ Cuarto’s bridge.” It is a bridge built by the Romans, and under it, there is a river and some refreshment stalls. Its main celebration is on the 15 th of August when there are traditional bullfights.


(12 Km far away from the campsite): It is a beautiful village. It is worth visiting, because the traditional style of the houses belonging to La Vera is still preserved there. At Easter time, in Valverde, there are important events or religious celebrations: “Los empalaos” on Thursday and “El encuentro” on Saturday.


(22 km far away from the campsite): It is also a beautiful village. One of its main attractions is the “Devil’s Waterfall.”


(35 Km far away from the campsite): It belongs to Ávila, and there, we can visit a Celtic village which is in the mountains.


(4 km far away from the campsite): It is a small village in the high mountains. It is famous for its liquors. Once there, you should taste them!!! They are delicious ! Its main celebration is on the 15 th of August, with its traditional bullfights.


(10 km far away from the campsite, just on the right): It is also a small village, but it is really beautiful. It is well-known, because there the king Charles the fifth spent the last months of his life. You have to visit the Yuste Monastery in which Charles V died and the German cemetery in which there are soldiers from the First and the Second World Wars.


(15 Km far away from the campsite): You can get there through the same road that leads to the Yuste monastery, and you will see a mountainous landscape. Like Valverde de la Vera, Garganta de la Olla also preserves the houses that are traditional in La Vera. Some important celebrations in Garganta de la Olla are: at Easter time, “la quema del Judas” on Saturday night. This festivity is well-known in Torremenga de la Vera as well. In summer, on the 4th of July, the festivity of “Santa Isabel” is celebrated, with its traditional bullfights. We can also have a swim in the natural pools of this beautiful town.

Other interesting places to visit are : Las Cuevas del Águila in Arenas de San Pedro, Trujillo, La Garganta de los Infiernos, Monfragüe, Plasencia, etc.